Teacher Norie’s Annual Concert

Today was a fun day for my little 7 years old Ohm and 5 years old Amp to show off their little piano skills on stage in the Annual Norie’s Music School Concert. 

Ohm started off with a group show playing a funny title song “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, a famous tune from  ‘Mary Poppins’ as well as a duet with his teacher playing “Do Re Me” from ‘The Sound of Music’. 

Amp followed her brother shortly with another group show playing and singing “Mickey Mouse March” while dressing in Minnie Mouse outfit. 

We ended up staying over the event for 4 hours watching many children proudly showing their musical talents.

I believed music or any type of art was as important as academic knowledges. This concert taught my kids to be disciplined and brave while having lots of fun. 

Thank you Noire’s Music School for plating the musical seeds to my children. 

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