Oscar’s Big Step…

Back when I was a kid, to be ordained into a young novice monk which we called “Naen” in Thai would be something I absolutely would never do.  I never really understood what good it can come from living a monastery life  full of duties, obligations, restrictions, and traditions. The no-eating-after-12-noon-rule was enough to scare my young self away.  It was not until I turned 24  that I could gather enough strength to became a monk and studied buddhism. 

Fortunately, my 9 years old nephew, Oscar, had a lot more courage than when I was at his age. This summer he made a brave decision to experience the young buddhist novice monk life.  Seeing Oscar going through the transformation from normal city boy into a shaved-head-orange-rope-little-monk gave me and our family lots of joy and happiness. 

Yes, Oscar probably still the same boy but with cloth of a monk. Yes, enlighten was probably in another galaxy far far away.  But his decision to go through this made us all very proud. It was a big forward step for him.

Congratulation Naen Oscar….

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